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Whether your goal is to create engaging content for your audience or increase the ROI of your ecommerce, we have a suite of services that could do the job.

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Programmatic buying

Our team has helped clients increase their sales and reduce customer acquisition costs by leveraging programmatic buying. With access to ad exchanges such as AdX, Rubicon and AOL, we can deliver high quality inventory that leads to conversions.

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the evolution of big data

Paid search (SEM)

Paid search is one of the greatest innovations in modern advertising. However, generating conversions while keeping costs under control is incredibly challenging in competitive markets or crowded sectors. Our team will work with you to create a comprehensive search strategy that fits your needs and your commercial environment.

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Paid Search

Content development and social media management

We know that content is king, but we are all actually at the mercy of something far more powerful - algorithms. At Metric, we create shareable content and leverage paid distribution and community outreach to make sure your content reaches the right audience.

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Search engine optimization (SEO)

Today, organic search is a crucial battleground for many businesses. We approach SEO by working with clients to define the keywords that will deliver the highest ROI instead of focusing on vanity metrics. We do our homework by running in-depth technical site audits and use competitor analysis to help clients define realistic and achievable goals.

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search engine marketing

Brand safety and ad verification

Digital advertising is the most measurable and addressable media channel. However, ad fraud and brand safety remain major challenges for the industry. At Metric, we have a robust framework that ensures that your ads are seen by real people in environments that are brand-safe. We mitigate the risk of ad fraud through the use of sophisticated verification tools such as IAS and MOAT.

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