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More than a PPC Agency

Metric DS is a full-service digital agency.
We build smart, data-driven campaigns that drive online & offline sales
and we create engaging social media content that creates an impact.
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Core services


programmatic advertising

We have been an early adopter of programmatic buying. Our in-house team can deploy the agency’s own DMP and DSP solution or work within your technical framework and preferred vendor.

Search engine
optimization (SEO)

search engine marketing

Improving the effectiveness of your organic traffic is one of the best ways to optimize your marketing budget. This is where we can help with technical SEO analysis and recommendations as well as a content strategy that can deliver better traffic.


Facebook has transformed, disrupted and changed the Internet just as much as Google. As a platform, Facebook together with Instagarm are crucial channels for both reaching your customers and generating sales.

Search engine
marketing (SEM)

Paid Search

Today, paid search is a crucial battleground for businesses. As the cost of advertising on Google continues to increase due to more competition, our primary goal is to find ways to increase our clients’ ROI/ROAS.

Content development
and social media

We create beautiful and shareable content. Our community management team will develop the right strategy for your brand to reach and engage consumers through social media.

Brand safety
& verification


One of the biggest challenges for brands is ad fraud and brand safety. At Metric we deploy IAS and MOAT to ensure that campaigns are seen by real people and that your ads appear in a brand-safe environment.


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