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Google Ads

Google Ads - Search Engine Marketing and Display campaigns

Metric can help you scale your Google Ads campaigns and help your company acquire new customers.

PPC Management

Facebook PPC management

We can help your business acquire new customers through Facebook and Instagram.


programmatic advertising

Programmatic advertising can help your business find new customers outside the Meta and Google ecosystems.

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You will always have full access to your ad accounts


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Our team of certified professionals actively monitors your campaigns

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Our reports focus on the KPIs that matter to your business


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There are no hidden fees or restrictive contracts

Find out how we can help you scale your business and increase your sales.

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Our work

How we used Performance Max to improve lead performance by 51%

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Automotive Lead generation case study

BetterTan’s success story: How we used Google Ads to launch a new swimwear brand and generate 378% ROAS

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bettertan - no more harsh tan lines

Watch how we increased sales of OSHEE by 47%

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Oshee video campaign case study

Find out how we used native content, video and social media influencers to increase Novanight sales by 37%

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Find out how we can help you scale your business and increase your sales.

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