Grow your sales using paid search across Google and Bing

Paid search is the channel with the highest conversion rates and, thus, it is a crucial battleground for companies and brands.

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Google Ads - Search Engine Marketing and Display campaigns

How much Google ad spend does Metric have under its management?

Currently, we manage on average between $80,000 and $110,000 in ad spend per month.

How to build the right paid search strategy

The first step is to audit your Google Ads and Bing accounts. This audit will look at the account structure (campaigns and ad groups), your transaction data, the achieved ROAS and your conversion rates.

We will review your bidding strategy across all current and past campaigns. Additionally, we will look at the relevance and quality of your ad copy in relation to your landing pages.

The goal of this audit is to find areas for improvement and to determine if we can deliver a meaningful optimization to your account.

In order to do this audit we would need read-only access to your website analytics tool and to your Google or Bing account.

The audit will produce a concise document that will help us determine if there are areas where we can produce substantial improvements and whether we are the right agency for your needs.

The next step after the audit is to put our search strategy into action. This is a long-term process as every change requires Google’s algorithm to go through a learning phase. So, our biggest advice during this stage is to have patience.

What are the metrics that we focus on?

As an agency, we try not to focus on vanity metrics.

Instead, our primary focus is to improve the metrics that will translate into a higher of sales or more revenues for our clients. Thus, we have a strong emphasis on ROAS/ROI.

However, we also work with clients who have other objectives. For example, we work with brands that want a certain level of search impression share across their campaigns.

So, we are versatile in terms of our approach and we listen to our clients.

Transparency and Reporting

Transparency is a cornerstone of a long-term relationship. Thus, we provide 100% transparency. For every project we build a custom Google Data Studio dashboard that gives you real-time information about your campaigns.

What is the agency remuneration structure?

Our remuneration structure is dependent on your monthly ad spend and your industry. There are three approaches: a monthly retainer, a percentage on ad spend or a hybrid model that combines the two. As an agency, we are also picky in what types of clients we want to work with.



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