How we used Performance Max to improve lead generation costs by 51%

A lead generation success story using Google Ads

Automotive Lead generation case study
About the client

Our client is a major auto dealership in several geographic markets. Their strongest sales come from SUVs and crossovers.

Time frame
  • July 15 to August 15, 2023
KPI improvements
  • 51% improvement in cost-per-lead results
  • 30% increase in conversion rates for test drive requests
The challenge
  • The client had an inventory of several hundred new vehicles and our task was to generate test drive requests so that the client could sell these vehicles
  • One of the client’s biggest competitors launched a campaign with a highly competitive offer at the same time as our campaign
The solution
  • We created a Performance Max campaign to leverage Google Display, Search, YouTube, and Gmail.
  • We used 8 images and 1 YouTube video provided by the client
  • We used remarketing audiences with general automotive in-market audiences to increase the pool of potential car buyers.
  • We chose broad match keywords for the specific car model car model
  • We created an asset group specifically to bid on our competitor’s keywords to capture some of their traffic
The results

We launched the campaign in the middle of July and over the course of 1 month:

  • We increased the conversion rate for leads by 30% compared to previous search campaigns.
  • With the Performance Max campaign, we managed to achieve a 51% decrease in the cost per lead results

After seeing the results from the campaign, the client increased their ad budget.

When used correctly and when enough conversion data is available, Performance Max campaigns can be highly effective.


  • Undisclosed automotive dealership


  • Metric DS


  • Lead generation
  • Google Ads
  • Performance Max



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