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Metric develops content strategies that are grounded in the simple fact that good content needs good amplification in order to be successful.

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Metric DS digital strategy

How we create good content.

Our philosophy is that good content should fit your brand values and should feel current to the social and cultural environment in which it is created. We also believe that good content creates value for consumers so that they genuinely want to engage with your brand and your content. Ultimately, our goal is to create content that is unique, valuable and shareable.

We are proud that so many of the agency’s employees have their own podcast and video projects.

So when you work with Metric on a project, you work with people who have done it themselves.

What we do:

  1. Video content production for social media
  2. Influencer marketing
  3. Native advertising projects and product integration
  4. Product photography
  5. Copywriting and blogging

What are some of our current projects?


AzYam is a Bulgarian brand of frankfurters. Metric helped create the brand’s website that is home to dozens of beautifully filmed recipes.

Today, we create weekly recipes in partnership with and upload them to the brand’s YouTube channel.

Along with the video recipes, we also maintain the brand’s Facebook and Instagram accounts which also focus on providing consumers with beautiful recipes.

Oshee Bulgaria

Oshee is an international brand with a strong presence in Bulgaria. The company has a portfolio of healthy beverages that are perfect for people who have an active lifestyle and enjoy sports and physical activity.

For Oshee we do community management for the brand’s local Instagarm and Facebook pages and post a mix of content created by the central team as well as our photo and video content created by Metric.

Our resident DJ and sneaker vlogger Screamoe also curates the brand’s Spotify Playlist called OSHEE & Chill.



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