How we grew OSHEE sales in Bulgaria by 47% in Q4 of 2021

How video advertising on YouTube and local VOD can help boost sales even in low-business months.

The objective
  • Drive Q4 sales by at least 15%
The challenge
  • Distribution challenges due to gym closures as a result of COVID restrictions
  • Fewer sporting events in Q4 due to the poor weather
  • Dynamic 60 second video ad with 30 and 15 second edits
  • YouTube TrueView campaign
  • Video campaign in local VOD websites
  • Social media posts using photos taken from the video shoot
  • Oshee saw a 47% increase in sales compared to the same period in 2020 and 27% sales growth versus 2019 (pre-pandemic)
  • We reached 293,000 consumers and generated 457,000 video views
  • Our ads achieved a 3x higher click-through-rate than the industry benchmark

OSHEE is a popular brand of isotonic and sports drinks. In Q4 of 2021, we were tasked to increase sales by at least 15%.

Here’s how we did it.

The lingering impact of the pandemic and lower seasonal demand in Q4 of 2021 presented a unique business challenge for OSHEE.

Due to the COVID restrictions, gyms were closed or had reduced capacity.

This meant that one of OSHEE’s key distribution channels was severely limited.

Furthermore, in Q4 sales traditionally decline because consumers prefer to stay at home and there are fewer outdoor sporting events.

To address the impact of the pandemic, we used online video to engage consumers with a message that would resonate in the context of the new normal.

We shot a dynamic 60-second video that featured the brand in multiple usage occasions beyond sports and physical exercise while remaining true to its roots.

We showed how OSHEE fits the lifestyles of consumers who love music, art, dance, and gaming.

We then created 15 and 30-second edits that were deployed across social media and VOD platforms to drive reach.

The campaign launched on November 10th and ran until December 23rd, 2021.

We used 15-second videos on Facebook and Instagram and optimized the campaign for video views. We used product photos, taken during the video shoot as social ads to further boost user engagement, especially in December.

The campaign on YouTube used in-market and affinity audience targeting to reach consumers who stream music online, play video games and maintain a healthy lifestyle through sports and exercise.

Finally, to reach a broader consumer audience, we ran 15 and 30-second ads in Play Nova and bTV Plus – two of the largest video-on-demand platforms in Bulgaria.

The campaign generated over 457,000 video views and reached over 293,000 consumers.

The videos were highly engaging as demonstrated by an overall click-through rate of 3%, nearly three times the industry benchmark.

Most importantly, the campaign increased sales in November through December by 47% compared to the same period in 2020 and by 27% compared to 2019.

We believe that this campaign perfectly demonstrates how brands can thrive even in the most uncertain times. It just takes authenticity and courage.

And a good agency, too.


  • Axxon Bulgaria (exclusive distributor for OSHEE in Bulgaria)


  • Metric DS




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