How we grew Novanight sales by more than 37%

By using native content, video and social media influencers

The objective
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Educate consumers about the Novanight
  • Drive sales
The challenge
  • Consumers underestimate the importance of the quality and quantity of sleep they need
  • Bulgarians experience sleep problems every 3rd night
  • 78% of Bulgarians feel exhausted when waking up
  • 50% have trouble falling asleep
  • Branded content and native ads in partnership with one of the biggest online portals in Bulgaria
  • Key opinion leaders and social media content
  • Video series called Let’s Talk About Sleep

Novanight’s core mission is to help people improve their sleep.

In 2020, we were tasked to create a campaign for Novanight that would demonstrate the product’s benefits, increase brand awareness and drive sales.

We first looked at the client’s extensive research.

On average, Bulgarians experience sleep problems every 3rd night. 78% of respondents said they feel exhausted when waking up in the morning and nearly 50% have trouble falling asleep. These insights helped us refine our media strategy.

We wanted to go beyond banners and video ads. Instead, we created a relatable and authentic consumer experience by leveraging great content and a wonderful group of brand ambassadors.
We knew that Novanight’s ambassadors had to be relatable, respected and engaging public figures.

And they had to be exceptional storytellers. So, we picked a group of exceptional women.

The first phase of the campaign was in June and July 2020.

During this phase, our brand ambassadors shared their personal experiences related to sleeping disorders and insomnia.

They commented on each other’s posts and asked their followers to share their own stories.

Each post included a well-placed product placement by Novanight.

In phase two, we partnered with one of the biggest online portals in Bulgaria to create an online video series called Let’s talk about sleep.

The series expanded on the conversations on social media. This was done through interviews with the four brand ambassadors in which they talked more prominently about their positive experience with Novanight.

During the first phase of the campaign we grew sales by 37% compared to the same period in 2019.

In phase two of the campaign, which was in September and October, we increased sales by 31% vs. the same period in 2019.

The video series generated 61,000 views across all four episodes and the average organic reach was 23,000 per post.


Sanofi Bulgaria


  • Mindshare Bulgaria
  • Metric DS


  • Native advertising
  • Branded content
  • Influencers
  • Video production



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